The Integrator Journal which Beau published in 1952 - 1953 will be avaiasalbe from December 9th 2022 on all amazon sites and from our store on this web site.

Integrator_cover_sml.jpg"Beau Kitselman created the The Integrator Journal in late 1952. Before this he had contributed extensively to a short-lived series of journals known as 'Plus and  Minus - A Journal of E-Therapy', that was published by Dee Swygard in the spring and summer of 1952. Plus and Minus was focused on Kitselman's work which he called 'E-Therapy' and personal psychological integration. The Integrator Journal continued the work of the earlier Plus and Minus. The Integrator consisted of both articles and letters as well as Kitselman's replies. This current volume is a compilation of articles and letters from the various issues of the Integrator and includes his monograph, ‘The Second Coming of Christ’."