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New June 2017

This book is in the form of an imagined dialogue in which author A.L. Kitselman answers questions, argues and provokes to deepen the reader's understanding of all the issues explored throughout. Kitselman challenges the impact vested interests on modern scientific research and mathematics as well as exploring the limitations of all modern forms of government.First published in 1962. the themes explored as just as relevant today.

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February 2015

The Fuse is set in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Kitselman’s main character, Jedediah Strong, simultaneously seduces, and then convinces, three young women to accompany him to the Nevada desert where, in the company of seasoned actresses and charismatic men living outside of society, he teaches them about love and sex whilst opening their eyes to their essential selves.

Woven into this tale are ideas of a utopian society, of breaking away from the norms of society and the concept of ‘living in fire’  experienced as excitement, adventure, passion which Strong seeks to ignite in these three young women. If they have dynamite in them, he certainly has the fuse!

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September 2014


Following a long series of successful experiments in 1933, aimed at predicting the results of a simple coin toss, A. L. Kitselman realized that human consciousness must be able to operate outside of the constraints of time and space. Further studies led him to believe that spiritual masters possessed this ability. He draws strongly on the Theravada Buddhist tradition as outlined in the Patisambhidamagga or Path of Discernment.

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Originally published in 1936 this faithful reprint of Kitselman's re-statement of the Taoist classic the Tao Teh King is lavishly illustrated with over 45 black and white photographs. It includes the transcription of an audio lecture given by Kitsleman in 1953 on his discovery of the usage of the Tao Teh King as a form of non-directive psychotherapy. 

This presentation volume is published in hardback only.

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NOW REPRINTED with foreword by Suzette Kitselman

Excerpt: When Papa realized there were other languages in the world, he realized there must be other ways of thinking as well. This began his lifelong journey of study into many languages, religions, belief systems, our need for belief systems, and our capability for psychological healing, wonderful growth, and achievement. He became a scientist at a young age, and also studied chemistry, physics and mathematics as well. Integrating science and the teachings of the Prophets of many religions, he later developed E-Therapy in the 1940s.

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The three books that comprise this volume are “What Integration is About” from a talk given on November 12th 1952. “The Four Unthinkables”, a talk given on June 7th 1954 and "The Easiest Way” (Group E and Hyper E) a talk given on November 12th 1952. Including a new introduction by Khema Rani Kitsleman.

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